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Thousands of agents, financial planners, accountants, brokers and tax attorneys rely on The Kugler System for its renowned approach to presenting hundreds of estate, business and retirement planning techniques as well as the industry's most comprehensive coverage of Social Security retirement benefits.

Our digital library, elearning and webinar programs, books, software and other products are used by many of the leading insurance companies and brokerage houses, who find Kugler's ability to translate complex concepts into meaningful financial-planning solutions for clients unmatched in the industry.

We do this using our popular mini, case-study format and building block approach. That means we educate through practical applications that are consistently presented to enhance the educational process AND the sales cycle.

But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself:

Learn about our NEW Social Security Analysis Tools -- Everything you need to maximize retirement benefits for your clients.
Learn about our Kugler Digital Library -- A powerful, Web-based library of all Kugler books, techniques and cases - with powerful indexing capabilities that help you find what you need FAST.
View Sample Techniques from all 5 of our popular books
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New Products!
Social Security Analysis Tools -- a single-point training and marketing program that gives you everything you need to maximize benefits for your clients - including a powerful, customizable software program. And The Kugler Library -- a comprehensive, Web-based collection of all our books and techniques!